Video for Social Media

Video for Social Media


Video sells. It can sell your company, you product or your service – and even you!

Worked right, video keeps people on your site or Facebook page for longer, sells more product, enhances your site’s ranking and definitely increases your personal profile. What would the web be without You Tube, Twitter and Instagram – let alone Facebook? They all use video, and there are loads of people out there using it – and using it well!

Now you can start leveraging the power of video for your business – without it costing a fortune.

These days there’s no need to spend hundreds or even thousands on making simple videos for your Social Media channels. With a bit of prep and planning it’s easy enough to do it yourself.

Yes really!

Time was, to make a video you needed a lot of expensive kit to make it happen. Cameras, big lights, and plenty of people. But now, most of the tools to make simple, persuasive videos to aid your social media presence are in everyone’s pocket. That’s right – your smartphone!

In this half day course I’ll not only show you how to get the best out of your smartphone, enabling you to shoot really great-looking pieces. I’ll also show you how to write, put together and (if you want) appear in them yourself!

Let’s get one thing straight – after this workshop you’re not going to win an Emmy for your videos. But the reward you’ll have is the knowledge and confidence to create short videos for the web that you can actually be proud of – and that will have cost you virtually nothing.

In this info-packed half day workshop, I’ll share with you many of the trade secrets that separate the pros from the amateurs. Some that only presenters know and some that only people behind the camera know.

After a lifetime of working in the biz, I know most of them. Following these tips will instantly make you look more relaxed, confident and knowledgeable on camera as well as arming you with the tools to make your videos more relevant, more of the time … and targeted exactly at the right people.

I’ll tell you what subjects work and what don’t… what the ideal length for a video on each different social media outlet should be…. Even how to appear on Skype or by videoconferencing to impress (and the trick is not what you might have considered at all.)

We’ll cover scripting, presenting and talk about the filming – even touch on editing – and all you’ll need is your Android or Apple phone (or an iPad) – and some simple inexpensive accessories I’ll show you.

So whether you want to make your own videos for your company – featuring your products or services – or whether you want to make your own video blogs, this workshop is for you.

Over the past few years I’ve trained literally hundreds of people – many of whom now successfully make their own videos.

The next course is coming soon. Or if you’d like to arrange a private course for your work colleagues or friends, please contact me. 

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