Many forward-thinking owners and managers of SMEs know that to grow their online presence, video is an ideal tool.

But today, just having one or two videos doesn’t cut it.  Content is king; new videos (or Vodcasts) need to be added regularly to keep Google happy and to give you more reasons to blog, tweet, post and email.

Studies have shown that user-generated content alone really isn’t effective and it certainly doesn’t do your carefully-nurtured brand any favours!

So how do you regularly produce informative and effective video that looks like ‘real TV’ all on a low, fixed budget whilst keeping everything on-brand and on target?

In the summer of 2013, this was the challenge that was presented to SPL Communications by our Client ITC Luxury Travel.

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Established in 1974, ITC Luxury Travel pioneered the concept of luxury travel in the UK. Today, they remain privately owned and their unrivalled experience and close relationships with the world’s finest hotels mean the ITC Luxury Travel Group can tailor trips to suit any holiday-maker’s unique needs.