For the last twenty five years I’ve been producing, directing and writing video. Although based in Cheshire I have worked all over the world. These days, I spend quite a lot of my time consulting and lecturing on film and video too.

I’ve worked on everything from network TV to music videos, drama to comedy… from multi-camera productions to shooting stuff by myself (including being sent to Chernobyl to film!)

I’ve worked with big stars and ordinary members of the public… CEOs of blue chips, to workers on the factory floor – and over the years I’ve gathered more than a few insights into what makes great film and video.

As well as my teaching and consultancy work, I continue to produce and direct through my own company. Recent clients have included PZ Cussons, B&Q, Barclays Bank, Amec Foster Wheeler, Bay TV Liverpool, ACCTV and many others.

Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or click here for my media production company SPL Communications.


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